Second Hand clothing

Presentation of our product :

Second Hand clothing

VALORITEX , represents European collectors (English, German, Swiss, French) who collect clothes, the line of the house, shoes and leather goods directly from homes without touching them and leaving them in the original Form.


Our partners arranged structures to classify textiles and especially reject damaged objects, spotted with dirty or wet paint or oil. They use artificial intelligence by deploying Software to target Chic neighborhoods with a very high purchasing Power in order to install collection points nearby allowing to collect high-end clothing. This Software is directly linked to the means of transport to guide them to carry out the collection Operation in good conditions and as quickly as possible.

We Support Our customers in the sorting Operation to enhance their products by joining the circular economy either by giving New life to These clothes (Sale on the local market) or by finding export markets for clothes sorted in Africa or for byproducts : Wiping clothes, singles shoes or textile fibers to end up with a very minimal waste rate.

Our Support is then in both directions (round and Trip)